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CONTROL® is powerful in its ability and elegant in its simplicity to model real-world drivers and the interrelationships of your business, from the simple to the complex. It provides the cohesive framework needed to see the big picture, weigh the benefits, risks and implications of various options, determine the best course of action, and proactively monitor, assess and adapt as business conditions change

Key Benefits

• Parameter based models

Business models can be created using various business measures and parameters that are either common or different from model to model and then linked with other business models.

• Roll up hierarchy

Any hierarchy can be created and roll up setup can be imported from any ERP or other source systems. The Roll-up hierarchy produces instant consolidation of data from any data sources. CONTROL® also support multiple hierarchy, which is useful for generating instant MIS Reporting, Production Reports, GL Reports on users demand basis with desired reporting/analysis template

• What-if

CONTROL® gives you infinite "what if "or “goal seeking” scenarios, vast commentary capabilities and unbounded abilities to compare versions side-by-side. Powerful dual way calculation helps users to perform various business scenarios, price planning, mix planning, revenue, gross margin e.t.c.

• Model what-if

CONTROL® gives you infinite "what if "or “goal seeking” scenarios, vast commentary capabilities and unbounded abilities to compare versions side- by-side

• Unlimited scenarios

Create any number of scenarios on the fly that can be made either private or public at the discretion of the user. You can even build multiple scenarios based on different business logics without tampering your actual data.

• Library of formulas

CONTROL® offers an extensive library of mathematical, statistical, operational, financial and algebraic functions and operators to cover the spectrum of simple to complex business modeling requirements.

• Security

Subject to security, users, group can be removed or added any time throughout the model. Robust roles based security to allow participation and review throughout the user community; the user’s matrix (Read, Write, Re-View, No Access, Admin e.t.c.) can be applied in CONTROL® easily and efficiently, down to dimension combinations


Model the Business, with un-limited business dimensions and what drive business
Dynamic data flow between models
Unlimited ‘Views’ from the built model (Analysis, Assumptions, Data Entry, Reports, Ratios, KPI’s, Chart e.t.c)
Roll-up hierarchy supports unlimited consolidations (Egs: MIS reporting hierarchy, ERP hierarchy)
Reusable dimensions, moves with quick implementation and quick ROI
Built-in mapping features from multiple data sources, to import data as drivers like (Volume, Price, Stock e.t.c)
Support business time dimension (Egs: Fiscal Calendar, Manufacturing Calendar, Reporting Calendar e.t.c).