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The Mobile App for Managers and Employees

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HR Mobile App

The HR mobile app provides a streamlined experience for Human Resources professionals. With the app, HR professionals can quickly and easily manage employee data, track time off and attendance, and manage benefits. The app also provides a quick and simple way to search for job openings and manage the hiring process. It can easily be used to post job openings on various job boards and track responses. The app also provides a secure platform to manage payroll, benefits, and other employee documents. It also allows HR professionals to easily access employee data and reports. The app is also a great tool for managing employee performance reviews, conducting surveys, and tracking training. It can also be used to generate employee reports and keep track of employee goals and objectives. Finally, the HR mobile app can be used to communicate with employees, send out reminders, and provide resources for employees. It can also be used to create custom policies and procedures, as well as to track employee attendance and time off.

Key Benefits

Increased Mobility

Better Communication

Better Data Insights

Improved Accuracy

Enhanced Employee Experience

Better Compliance Management

Key Features

Employee Database: A centralized database of all employees with their contact information, job details, and performance records .
Onboarding: An automated onboarding process that streamlines the new-hire process, including documents and forms, benefits enrollment, and training.
Time and Attendance Management: A system for tracking employee hours worked, time off requests, and attendance.
Payroll Management: Integration with payroll systems to accurately calculate and process employee pay, taxes, and benefits.
Performance Management: Tools for setting performance goals, providing regular feedback, and tracking employee progress.
Recruitment and Hiring: A platform for posting job openings, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and managing the hiring process.
Compliance Management: The ability to track and manage compliance with HR policies, labor laws, and other legal requirements.
Reporting and Analytics: Access to real-time HR data and metrics, such as employee turnover, headcount, and diversity statistics.
Employee Self-Service: A portal where employees can update their personal information, request time off, and access company resources.
Communication and Collaboration: An internal messaging platform for employees to communicate with each other and share information.