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Turn Strategy into Collaborative, Accountable Action

CONTROL® is powerful in its ability and elegant in its simplicity to model real-world drivers and the interrelationships of your business, from the simple to the complex. It provides the cohesive framework needed to see the big picture, weigh the benefits, risks and implications of various options, determine the best course of action, and proactively monitor, assess and adapt as business conditions change


• True Excel based environment

Based in a familiar Excel environment, CONTROL® enables organizations to move beyond the mechanics of corporate performance management, fostering a culture of collaboration, accountability, sound decision-making and responsiveness.

• Flexible, real time and what if modeling

CONTROL® is flexible enough to accommodate both central and decentralized requirements while consolidating results instantly at any level into one unified source of data. CONTROL® also permits real time and what if modeling to meet rapidly changing business plans.

• Data Validation

CONTROL® has powerful way of validating data at any dimension combination level, which helps department, SBU’, Divn to collect quality data on time avoid surprises at later stage.

• Secure centralized database

CONTROL® ® has an instantly familiar Excel based front-end and a zero footprint web interface, and stores metadata and data on a relational database of choice — Oracle, DB2/400, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, or DB2 UDB — across diverse hardware platforms and operating systems.

• Attach Unstructured Data by means of hyperlink

Tell the story behind the numbers by linking the unstructured data like office documents and email to your budgets and forecasts.

• Quick and real time access to line item details

CONTROL® allows you to track your budget as well as actual items at the lowest level of detail through its drill down function which is possible with one click. It also enables the user to view the source data, subject with user security profile and authentication

• Web based Access and ease of deployment

CONTROL® supports web deployment that enables users to use the application from remote locations without installing the software in individual computers. Ensures Zero Foot Print deployment and requires minimum dependence on the IT team for support and maintenance

• Workflow Enabled

The work flow in CONTROL® facilitates a close watch on the budget cycle by task and by responsible head. It also allows to view the status of the task such as percentage completed, the due date, responsible head and other parameters the avail the status of a certain process

• Top down and Bottom up budgeting

CONTROL® provides top down budgeting where the management sets the goals and the strategy is executed by the departments and also the bottom up budgeting that helps the departments to align with the corporate

• Powerful cost allocation features

The inbuilt cost allocation feature in CONTROL® supports driver, factor based as well as dynamic and fixed allocations. Multiple allocations can be executed at the same time and each one could be user defined

• Drill to source

Drill to the origin of the data, even upto the invoice level in order to analyze the numbers or track the numbers. This feature helps to track until the transactional details such as the invoice number, order number, etc

• Declarative commands, fast data entry

Allows you to modify and change the existing numbers by using simple declarative commands such as increase sales by 5%, decrease costs to15m and so on

• Audit Trail

Comprehensive audit trail is maintained at all time, in every CONTROL® applications, which always maintains the record at granular level, with previous and current data, user id, date and time and what function has been used to change the data

• Cascading

As changes are made to the detail levels of data, you instantly see the impact at the higher levels. As budget or forecast data is entered, it is instantly consolidated. As global rates or drivers are adjusted, changes cascade on demand or dynamically to associated models such as P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow


Integrated workflow both in LAN/WAN and Web Interfaces, includes workflow rules like due date, time, process sequence
The extensible, scalable technology to support concurrent collaboration from department to enterprise levels.
Familiar MS Excel-based data entry and review
Common, shared multi-dimensional database
Secure, control update access for a broad community of contributors
Immediate, dynamic, consolidation without administrative intervention
Bottom-up or top down entry with Solve and Lock functions
Extensive large scale data manipulation capabilities:
Built-in spreading and trending based on standard or historical patterns
Ability to budget by sub-account, subsidiary model, or support budget values with ad-hoc scratchpads
Support of non uniform level of detail
Tracking of commentary and hyperlinks to support planning assumptions and rationales
Unlimited scenarios with easy copying, factoring and comparison
"No programming", Auto-Generated Forms for quick deployment of budget submission templates to novice end users