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Our Software Helps To Monitor All Operations And Run Your Restaurant Profitable

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Restaurant Management software collectively takes care of everything and manages each task more efficiently when compared to manual labor. Not automating restaurant operations and relying on manual labor might result in developmental delays in your business. Thus, it is highly recommended to switch to POS software to gain an edge over your competitors Equipped with customizable features, this system is highly recommended for any type of a restaurant such as fast food chains, bistros, fine dining, and cafes. We pride ourselves with the technology required to cut down the customer wait times, ease and streamline management processes a as well as profit from every revenue opportunity. Our solutions will help you provide customers with smooth service that they are hungry for while helping your business to grow without recruiting more staff.

Key Features

Point of Sale (POS) System: to manage customer orders, process Payments,and generates receipts.
Inventory management: to track and manage restaurant inventory , including food and beverage items,supplies, and equipment
Menu Management: to manage menu items, prices, and ingredients
Sales and Financial Reporting: to generate reports on sales, profitability, and expenses.
Table Management: to manage table reservations, seating arrangements, and waitlists.
Party hall booking: allows customers to book party halls and event spaces . This includes scheduling, pricing, availability management, managing contracts, deposits, and cancellations.
Employee Management: to manage employee schedules, time and attendance, and payroll.
Kitchen Display System (KDS): to manage and display kitchen orders and increase kitchen efficiency.
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): to manage customer data, including contact information, order history, and preferences.
Multi-level pricing: Pricing model that allows to set different prices for menu items based on the time of day, the day of the week, the season, and the type of customer.
Catering order management: allows to manage catering orders, customizing menus, tracking food costs, and generating invoices.