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Efficiently Manage Your Rental Properties with Our All-in-One Software Solution


The only Software that fits all your needs in a Rental/Leasing Industry

From Scheduling to Invoicing. All your rental process gathered in one place.

With the numerous rental assets in your business whether equipments or apartments, life could go hard trying to assess the profitability of your business and managing these assets with their depreciation and maintenance expenses and on the revenue from these.

Manage these out with the specially designed and highly customizable Rental Software from us.

Key Benefits

Inventory Management

Streamlined Rentals

Easy Access to Data

Increased Efficiency

Enhanced Security

Better Customer Service

Key Features

Customer Management: Customer information management, including contact details, rental history, and equipment preferences.
Product Management: One can add new products, remove old products, update prices and availability, and make any other necessary changes to keep the list up-to-date.
Sales Management: Automated rental processes, including Sales entry reservations, invoicing, and sales tracking.
Quotation Preparation: It can simplify the process of preparing quotations, allowing rental managers to provide accurate and timely quotes to potential customers.
Purchase Entry: This feature allows rental managers to enter information about items purchased for their rental properties, and can automatically calculate the cost of the purchase based on the quantity and unit price of the item.
Service Entry: Provides information regarding the rented product details, total cost, payment method, total tax amount etc.
VAT report: By Automating VAT calculations and reporting, it can help businesses save time and reduce the risk of errors or penalties related to tax filings.
Rental tracking: The software allow rental companies to track rental equipment, including rental start dates, rental periods, and rental end dates. This can help rental companies monitor equipment utilization and plan for equipment availability.
Contract-Based Sales Management: To create contracts for equipment rentals, including contract terms, rental periods, and rental rates. This can help rental companies streamline the contract creation process and reduce errors.
Reporting and Analytics: The ability to generate various reports and analytics, such as equipment utilization reports and financial statements.