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Gauge the future with confidence

Business is ever-changing and enterprises need to forecast accurately to meet the market demands and achieve targets. The forecasted items include revenues, payrolls, expenses and capital assets which should reflect in the financial statements. Enterprises also need to forecast and analyze the data in various versions, as well as on a real-time basis to avoid potential problems and exploit the opportunities.

CONTROL®attends to this all and also ensures the accuracy of your forecasts, the relevancy of your budgets and predictability of your business performance by providing a centralized database – where actual, budgeted and planned data are truly united and properly seeded.


• Unlimited scenarios

CONTROL® enables an unlimited number of scenarios to be associated with different roll-up hierarchies and calculation logic, allowing budgets and forecasts to be entered at different levels of detail.

• Rolling forecasts

CONTROL® has the ability to perform rolling forecasts. Forecasts can be updated on any frequency desired: daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc. You can even forecast items by revenue, personnel, operation

• Unlimited Versioning

CONTROL® has powerful way of validating data at any dimension combination level, which helps department, SBU’, Divn to collect quality data on time avoid surprises at later stage.

• Real time data Integration

Incorporates real-time actuals with historical data for true performance management and effective forecast. Also covers automatic forecasting based upon historical trends or relationships.

• Forecast PRO

CONTROL® provides an optional embedded ForecastPro™ extension for custom holt-winters, multiple box Jenkins and smoothing algorithms. It also features an expert wizard that automatically analyzes the data and selects the most appropriate forecasting method, all in the same centralized data repository.

• Data Transformation Wizard

CONTROL® has a powerful Data Transformation Wizard that makes it a snap to do complex operations across selections of data such as:
Initializing a forecast scenario as a copy of a budget or other forecast scenario.
Decreasing select drivers by constant percentage and spreading the results over a certain number of months.
Repeating seasonal patterns and applying pre-built methods including average, trend, polynomial & exponential fit, single, double & triple exponential smoothing to the data.
Forecast items by revenue, personnel, operating expenses, assets

• Time Periods

Time dimensions are completely user defined and allow for any time period required, up to and including minutes. In addition, users can easily select and filter views of data to include or exclude any of the available


Simple wizard driven, Built-in forecast methods including average, trend, polynomial & exponential fit, single, double & triple exponential smoothing to the data.
Built-in rolling forecast features, functions using various forecast methods.
Un-Limited ‘Forecast’ scenarios
Different level of detail than Budget or Actual
Different calculation logic from Budget or Actual, in the same Business Model
Scheduling options
Embedded World class ‘Forecasting tool’ – Forecast PRO