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Streamlining Your Human Resources Workflow

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With the number of employees in a firm increasing and variety of payscales with allowances being introduced in the industry, calculating the payroll accurately would take and effort and also could lead to your employees being unsatisfied.

Cut down your time-effort and calculate your payroll accurately without spending much time and effort and keeping your employees happy at the same time with our HR & Payroll solutions prepared specifically designed and flexible to meet your needs.

Key Benefits

Better Compliance

Enhanced Employee Self-Service

Improved Communication

Better Employee Engagement

Improved Data Accuracy

Increased Efficiency

Key Features

Employee Records Management: to manage and store employee data, including personal details, job titles, salaries, and benefits.
Payroll Management: to process and manage employee salaries, taxes, and other deductions.
Time and Attendance Tracking: to track employee attendance, absences, and overtime.
Performance Management: to evaluate employee performance, set goals, and provide feedback.
Loan Requests: The software provides an easy-to-use interface for employees to request a loan.
Leave Management: You can automate the leave request and approval process, improve accuracy and compliance, and provide better visibility and reporting on employee time off
Recruitment and Onboarding: to manage the hiring process, from job postings to new employee onboarding.
Reporting and Analytics: to generate reports and analyze HR data for insights and decision-making.
Employee Self-Service: to allow employees to access and manage their own HR information.
Integration with Other Systems: to integrate with other HR, payroll, and accounting systems.
Deduction management: The software allow you to manage loan deductions based on employee earnings, as well as adjust or cancel deductions as needed.
Generating pay slips: Once payroll has been calculated, the HR management software can generate pay slips for each employee.