ERP for Small or Medium Enterprizes in Middle East, Africa, Asia

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management software helps businesses manage and streamline their operations. It helps integrate all the different aspects of a company’s operations, such as accounting, inventory, sales, and customer service, into one unified system. This allows businesses to have more control over their operations and make more informed decisions.ERP software can also help automate mundane tasks, freeing up personnel to focus on more important areas of the business. ERP software can also help improve customer service, since the software can provide employees with access to customer information and order history. Finally, ERP software can help reduce costs by streamlining processes, improving efficiency, and reducing errors.

Key Benefits


Reminder Alert

Saves time and money

Less operational cost

Increase Productivity

Easier Management

Key Features

Sales management and invoicing
Customer Management
Document Filing and storage
Multi Account Posting
Expiry and renewal alerts
Deposits and repayment management
Account balancing (Trakhees,E-Dirham,etc)
Cash and Bank Balance
Cash Flow Statements
Profit and Loss Statements
Balance Sheet
Customer/Account-wise report
Various Other reports customizable as per the requirement