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E commerce Application Providers in the Middle East, Africa And Asia

Build your Online Trade platform with us !

Marketplace has moved right into everyone’s household. As the consumer has moved , the Supplier needs to be available as well. Which is where our role comes into play supporting you to build your own mobile application for your Online Store.

We Build User-friendly Mobile Application to cater your Trade needs providing you and your customer the best user experience with Online Shopping.

We improve your potential customer's purchasing experience by using your Ecommerce App. An App-Based E-Commerce store exceeds an internet business in terms of sales. You may broaden your reach with your products as the application would promote the focus on your products which we provide through our innovative E commerce Mobile app. We are the best E - Commerce Mobile App services providers in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Key Benefits

Key Features

Sales management and invoicing
Customer Management
Document Filing and storage
Multi Account Posting
Expiry and renewal alerts
Deposits and repayment management
Account balancing (Trakhees,E-Dirham,etc)
Cash and Bank Balance
Cash Flow Statements
Profit and Loss Statements
Balance Sheet
Customer/Account-wise report
Various Other reports customizable as per the requirement