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Multi Restaurant Mobile App for the online ordering system in UAE

Do you own a restaurant or want to give a platform for different cuisine vendors?

We can assist you!

We'd like to inform everyone that our online ordering system now supports multi-location restaurants. This implies that numerous restaurants may be established and maintained under the same roof, with the major advantage of sharing menus and offers.

We have extensive expertise developing specialized Food Ordering Mobile Apps for the food sector. Multi Branch Restaurant App is a smartphone app where several businesses may register an account to list their food menus and app users may build a cart from a selected restaurant to make an order for delivery to their door.

Our Multi Restaurant Mobile app helps Restaurants get online easily and quickly bridge the gap between restaurants and Customers.

With growing mobile technology and the availability of a large number of mobile apps, it is essential for restaurants to rely on this technology in order to boost profits and be fully prepared for the future.

Mobile ordering is a full solution; it not only helps to bring in more orders, but it also handles other issues such as event scheduling, error reduction, and food waste. A mobile app provides a direct route for reaching out to your local customers via alerts.

We provide you with the best.

Key Benefits

Increased Sales

Better Collaboration

Increased Mobility

Real-Time Data and Insights

Enhanced Marketing and Promotions

Improved Financial Management

Key Features

Order Management: The ability to manage customer orders, including tracking the status of deliveries and pickup orders .
Menu Management: A platform for creating and updating menus, including menu items, prices, and descriptions.
Inventory Management: Tools for tracking food and beverage inventory, managing suppliers, and monitoring stock levels.
Customer Management: A centralized database of customer information, including order history, preferences, and contact information.
Delivery Management: Integration with delivery services or the ability to manage in-house delivery operations, including tracking delivery drivers and monitoring delivery times.
Payment Processing: Integration with payment gateways to seurely process customer payments and manage refunds and returns.
Employee Management: A platform for tracking employee schedules, attendance, and performance, as well as managing payroll and benefits.
Marketing and Promotions: Tools for managing email and SMS campaigns, loyalty programs, and other marketing initiatives.
Reporting and Analytics: Access to real-time data and analytics on sales, customer behavior, and restaurant performance.
Mobile ordering and payment: A mobile app for customers to place orders, track delivery, and make payments from their smartphones.